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We Care About The Environment

Since purchasing the land in 1984, we have been mindful of our farming practices and water usage. As our business continues to grow, we have focused our efforts on achieving environmental sustainability in every area of our company, from the vineyards and winemaking facilities to the kitchens and offices.


The vineyards are purchased, and we began the tradition of responsible farming practices and water usage.


Ponte Winery opens its doors, and makes recycling and conservation a priority.


We begin the transition to become a sustainable winery by reducing our environmental footprint.


We achieve the Certified California Sustainable Winegrower (CCSW) designation, the first winery to do so in Temecula Wine Country.


Every year since 2011, we have continued to meet the ever-expanding requirements to maintain our Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing designation.


Sustainability and the Ponte farming mentality go hand in hand: Thriftiness, efficiency and respect for the land make up the foundation of our viticulture practices.

Using compost to return beneficial organic material to the soil, installing hawk and owl nesting boxes to promote natural pest control and practicing responsible watering, plowing and harvest methods are just a few measures we take to ensure we remain great stewards of the land.


We take into consideration the environmental impact of our entire winemaking process. Reducing waste production, limiting our water and electricity use, and seeking out recycled packaging materials has helped reduce our environmental footprint.