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The Current Wine Club Shipment

We are excited to offer our Pinot Noir 2018 and Pinot Gris 2018 in the November 2019 Wine Club Shipment. Credit cards will be billed beginning on November 1st. Shipping members will have their wine shipped through UPS starting November 5th. Will-call members can pick up their wine from November 4th – November 26th*. We hope you enjoy this month’s selection and hope to see you at the winery soon!

*Specific shipment wines are only guaranteed during that shipment month. If the wine is no longer available at the time of pick-up, we will replace it with a wine of equal value. Wines of lesser or greater value will either be credited or charged the difference.

We are excited to feature these new wines!

Pinot Noir 2018: Wine Club $40.00

Pinot Gris 2018: Wine Club $26.40

Winemaker's Choice

Winemaker’s Choice

(1) Pinot Noir 2018
(1) Pinot Gris 2018

Red Wines Only

Red Wines Only

(2) Pinot Noir 2018


White Wines Only

White Wines Only

(2) Pinot Gris 2018


Beverino Only

Beverino Only

(2) 2016 Beverino


* Please note, shipping and/or tax are not applied to above cost

Your Next Shipment

Your next shipment will take place in December:

We are excited to feature these wines!

Magnum Montepulciano 2017
Pastorello 2018

Winemaker’s Choice

(1) Magnum Montepulciano 2017

Red Wines Only

(1) Magnum Montepulciano 2017

White Wines Only

(2) Pastorello 2018

Beverino Only

(2) 2016 Beverino

* Please note, shipping and/or tax are not applied to above cost

Important Dates

Billing: Charging Cards Monday, December 2nd
Shipping Begins: Wednesday, December 4th
Will Call: Wednesday, December 4th – Monday, December 30th

Dates subject to change

The 2019 Wine Club Shipment Schedule


Billing: February 1st
Shipping: Begins February 4th
Will Call: February 4th – 25th


Billing: April 1st
Shipping: Begins April 3rd
Will Call: April 3rd – 23rd


Billing: May 1st
Shipping: Begins May 6th
Will Call: May 3rd – 27th


Billing: June 3rd
Shipping: Begins June 5th
Will Call: June 5th – 25th


Billing: August 1st
Shipping: Begins August 5th
Will Call: August 3rd – 27th


Billing: October 1st
Shipping: Begins October 3rd
Will Call: October 3rd – 28th


Billing: November 1st
Shipping: Begins November 5th
Will Call: November 4th – 26th


Billing: December 2nd
Shipping: Begins December 4th
Will Call: December 4th – 30th

Billing takes place on the 1st day of each shipment month
*Dates subject to change

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