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Grape Availability 2024

Temecula Valley Vineyards
Wine Grape Supplier for Ponte Winery

All grapes are Temecula Valley appellation grown under the strictest quality control and mildew suppression standards on VSP trellises. Our viticulture practices include:

Mechanical pre-pruning, hand pruning, shoot thinning, leaf pulling, mechanized hedging, fruit thinning, and pre-veraison deficit irrigation to achieve optimal ripening. All fruit is harvested at night or early in the morning. We have mostĀ of these varieties in bottles, barrels, casks, or tanks at Ponte if you’d like to taste the fruit’s potential.

The grapes will be harvested at optimal maturity: Red grapes will be harvested at 22-25 Brix, white grapes at 21-23 Brix, or to your specifications.


Arnaud Debons