The 2016 Wine Club Shipment Schedule

Billing: February 1st
Shipping: Begins February 3rd
Will Call: February 3rd-23rd

Billing: April 1st
Shipping: Begins April 4th
Will Call: April 4th-26th

May Specialty Shipment
Billing: May 2nd
Shipping: Begins May 4th
Will Call: May 4th-24th

Billing: June 1st
Shipping: Begins June 6th
Will Call: June 3rd-27th

Billing: August 1st
Shipping: Begins August 3rd
Will Call: August 3rd-29th

Billing: October 3rd
Shipping: Begins October 5th
Will Call: October 5th-25th

November Specialty Shipment
Billing: November 1st
Shipping: Begins November 3rd
Will Call: November 3rd-22nd

Billing: December 1st
Shipping: Begins December 5th
Will Call: December 3rd-27th

- Billing takes place on the 1st day of each shipment month
* Dates subject to change

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About this Page: Learn more about upcoming Ponte Wine Club shipments scheduled for 2016.