FAQ's about our Reserve Room

When is the Reserve Room open for members?

You are welcome to enjoy our Reserve Room on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am - 4:30pm

Can I bring outside food in the Reserve Room?

We provide complimentary hummus and bread sticks in the Reserve Room and because of this, we don't allow outside food. We welcome you to dine with us for lunch at The Restaurant at Ponte during your visit as well. We recommend making a reservation in advance at the Restaurant at Ponte as we are busy on the weekends.

Can I have an open bottle of wine in the Reserve Room?

Unfortunately, we don't allow open bottles of wine in the Reserve Room due to safety and control issues, however we invite you to enjoy a tasting with us or a glass of wine on the weekends in the Reserve Room in place of your six tastes. You are also welcome to dine with us in the restaurant to enjoy a bottle of wine while you eat.

Can I bring my kids to the Reserve Room?

We are a family friendly winery, however there is no playground, game room or television in our Reserve Room. The kids may become bored (and drive you crazy) so we recommend leaving the kids with the grandparents so you can treat yourselves for the afternoon.

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About this Page: Nestled away in the heart of Temecula Wine Country, you will find the Ponte Family Estate Winery, Southern California’s premier winery destination. Through an exclusive winery market atmosphere, Ponte Winery offers its visitors wine tasting, fine wine country cuisine dining at the Restaurant at Ponte, weddings set with a serene view of the Temecula, California Wine Country mountains, as well as an all inclusive Ponte Wine Club.