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Since our opening in 2003, we have felt we can make the greatest impact by focusing our charitable contributions on local organizations that are working to end suffering within our community. And since children are our future and their voice often goes unheard, we have made a commitment to do everything in our power to support those groups that aid needy or suffering children in the Temecula and Murrieta Valley. From our work at the Oak Grove Center in Murrieta to stocking the shelves of the Temecula-Murrieta Community Pantry, we are able to see real life examples of how our humble efforts are making a lasting impression in our community.

Below is a list of the six deserving organizations that we support. Feel free to follow the links below to learn more about each one of these life-changing organizations. Our 2010 Charitable Impact Report summarizes the causes we supported and the source of those donations, and we encourage you to get involved and help us aid needy and suffering children by participating in one of our charity events scheduled for 2011.

  1. The Oak Grove Center
  2. Rancho Damacitas
  3. CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate)
  4. Angel Flight
  5. The My Stuff Bags Foundation
  6. The Temecula Murrieta Community Pantry

The Oak Grove Center

The Oak Grove Center is a nonprofit 24-hour residential and educational treatment center that serves 76 children. These children range in age from 9 to 18. In addition to the 76 students that live on-campus, they also have additional 80-90 students who attend their school day programs. Children are admitted with a variety of psychological, social, emotional, behavioral, medical and neurological problems with concurrent behavioral difficulties, school problems, family dysfunction and alcohol or substance abuse. Many of the children have suffered physical and/or sexual abuse, other traumas or experienced many other social, emotional or behavioral challenges. For more information about the Oak Grove Center for Education Treatment and the Arts, or to learn how you can help, please contact Tammy Wilson at

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Rancho Damacitas

Rancho Damacitas provides quality long-term care and treatment for children in Southwest Riverside County needing out-of-home services. These children, ages 6 years old to 18 years old, suffer from mental, physical and sexual abuse and are removed from their families by Social Services or Child Protective Services. "We wanted to make sure to help all children," states Claudio Ponte, owner of Ponte Winery. "Not just children in need of food, shelter and clothing, but who are also in need of physical and emotion help as well." Children are placed in the care of Rancho Damacitas and enter into programs that help the children to stabilize, build skills and mend. "At Rancho Damacitas our staff and case manager-therapists work closely with each child to develop an individual treatment plan that specifically addresses the greatest needs of that child while we work progressively towards a successful solution" states Clifford S. Nunn, Director of Development. "The goal is to heal emotional scars and provide hope for a new beginning... One of promise, purpose and integrity." For more information about Rancho Damacitas Children's Group Homes, or to learn how you can help, please contact Clifford Nunn at

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CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate)

This non-profit organization trains volunteers who then attend court hearings with foster care or group home-based children in the court system. Volunteers spend 18 hours a month getting to know their child. When their court day comes the Court Appointed Special Advocate attends the hearings along with the child and is able to convey important information gained by their previous meetings to the lawyers and judges, who are generally meeting the child for the first time. For every 40 volunteers CASA must hire one case manager. By donating to CASA we are allowing them to hire more case managers and therefore help more children. CASA is currently able to assist 300 children, but there are more than 6,000 in Riverside County who are in the court system, a number that our state and local government never expected. "We need more case managers to get more volunteers and help more kids! That is why we are so thrilled to partner with the folks at Ponte, for our fundraising efforts!" explains Deborah Sutton CEO of CASA.

For more information about CASA visit

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Angel Flight

Angel Flight was created by a group of pilots who believe in the benefit of volunteering. It is a non-profit charitable organization of pilots, volunteers, and friends who arrange free air transportation for any legitimate, charitable, medically related need. This service is available to individuals, and health care organizations. They will also arrange transportation of those people who are financially distressed, or who are in a time-critical, non-emergency situation due to their medical condition. For more information please visit

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The My Stuff Bags Foundation

The My Stuff Bags Foundation provides comfort and a message of hope to abused and neglected children entering crisis and foster care through its unique program. Traumatized by the events leading to their rescue, and often given less than five minutes to gather their belongings, these children arrive with little or none of their personal possessions - no favorite stuffed animal, no special "blankie." They are afraid and need something to hold on to! My Stuff Bags provides a bag full of donated items including everything from pajamas to blankets. Visit for more information.

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The Temecula Murrieta Community Pantry

The Temecula Murrieta Community Pantry in Old Town Temecula is a Christian outreach program supported by local churches and private donations. It provides spiritual and material assistance to those in need in the Temecula-Murrieta area. "Some people think that, 'this is Temecula, we don't have needy here', but they are wrong. We have a "camp" of 15 living right here under the Santiago Street bridge and there are more and more "camps" showing up every month. We see about 150 families a month," according to Margie Hammersley, Director of the Community Pantry. The pantry carries fresh bread, pastries and, when available, fresh fruits and vegetables. Hot meals are available for the homeless weekdays and there are household items available daily. The Pantry also carries a supply of clean, used clothing and, during the holidays, toys for children.

For more information about the Temecula-Murrieta Community Pantry, please contact Margie Hammersley at (951) 676-8022. They are located at 28870 Pujol Street in Temecula.

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About this Page: Ponte Winery is pleased to work with select charitable organizations in and around Temecula wine country who request wine donations. We also help local charities by discounting silent auction gift purchases and door prizes.